Implant dental treatment is one of the most modern and effective methods for replacing missing teeth. The implant creates a solid foundation with a structure that mimics the natural tooth root and offers aesthetic, functional and long-lasting results.

What is an Implant?

An implant is a screw-shaped artificial tooth root made of titanium. It is placed in the jawbone and integrated into the bone. On this solid foundation, a prosthetic tooth is attached and an aesthetic and functional smile is achieved.

How is an Implant Tooth Made?

Implant tooth construction is performed by specialized physicians. First, oral and dental health is evaluated, then an implant of the appropriate diameter and size is selected according to the bone structure in the required area and placed in the bone. After the implant screws are placed, the healing process begins. At the end of this period, prosthetic teeth are attached.

What are the Types of Implants?

Implant treatment offers solutions for the needs and preferences of individuals with different types. Each type of implant provides special advantages in terms of aesthetic appearance and functional use. Implant types include options such as zirconium implants, All On Four (All On 4) and All On Six (All On 6). Zirconium implants combine aesthetics and durability, while All On Four and All On Six provide fast and reliable replacement of missing teeth.

What is a Zirconium Implant?

Zirconium implants are specially designed implants that combine durability and aesthetic appearance. Thanks to their white color, they blend in perfectly with natural teeth. Zirconium also minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.

What is All On Six (All On 6)?

The All On Six method is a treatment option in which fixed prostheses are fitted with the help of six implants. The All-on-6® treatment concept allows patients who have lost all their teeth or need to have all their teeth extracted due to advanced decay or bone loss to have the same gun teeth extracted, implants made and temporary fixed teeth inserted in a more natural and unrestricted way. It offers long-lasting results by providing high stability and durability.

What is All On Four (All On 4)?

The All On Four method is a treatment option in which prostheses are fixed to four implants placed at a special angle in the edentulous jaw. It is the form of the all-on-six treatment concept with 4 implants. This treatment option is considered in cases where there is not enough volume in the jawbone. This method offers fast healing and reliable results, allowing you to quickly achieve a solid smile.

How Does Implant Treatment Work? What are the Treatment Stages?

Implant treatment requires a gradual process. The implant process begins with an examination and x-ray evaluation of the jawbone condition. After the implant screws are placed, the healing process is expected. In the last stage, prosthetic teeth are specially prepared and fitted. Here are the implant stages:

Consultation and Evaluation

Before starting implant treatment, it is important to have a consultation with a specialized dentist. Your dentist will assess your general health, examine your oral structure and decide whether implant treatment is right for you.

Planning and Imaging

Digital imaging methods are used when creating a treatment plan. The jawbone structure and other tissues are examined in detail with imaging techniques such as X-rays and dental tomography. At this stage, it is important to determine the position of the implant.

Surgical Phase Implant Placement

The surgical stage is when the implant screws are inserted into the jawbone. It is performed under local anesthesia and implants are inserted into the jawbone in the appropriate position through surgical incisions. The implant screws are designed to hold onto the bone throughout the healing process.

Recovery Process

A healing process is necessary for the implant screws to integrate with the jawbone. This process can take 2 to 6 months. Temporary dentures can be used during the healing process.

Temporary or Permanent Prosthesis Kit

When the healing process is complete, permanent dentures are attached to the implant screws. The dentures are shaped according to the material and design recommended by your dentist. When the dentures are completed, you will have a healthy and aesthetic smile.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Regular check-ups after implant treatment are important. Your dentist will monitor the condition of the implants and your oral health. You can also ensure the longevity of the implants with regular oral care.

How Long Does Implant Treatment Take?

The duration of implant treatment can vary depending on various factors. It usually takes 7-10 minutes to insert a single implant screw. When the healing period and the fitting of prosthetic teeth are taken into account, the total duration can reach 3 months.

When is the tooth inserted after the implant screw is inserted?

After the implant screws are placed, the healing process begins. This process is necessary to ensure that the implant integrates with the jawbone. After the healing process, prosthetic teeth are usually fitted 2 to 6 months later.

How is a screwless implant made?

Screwless implants are specially designed implants in which the implant screws are inserted without the use of an extra screw. In this method, the design and surface of the implant provides a stable attachment independent of the screw.

What are the Screwless Implant Options?

Screwless implants are preferred for their advantages of fast healing and minimal surgical intervention. Compared to screw implants in different brands and designs, it provides faster healing and offers a comfortable experience to patients.

What are Aesthetic Implant Options?

Aesthetic implant options aim to preserve the natural smile. Options such as white zirconium implants or tooth-colored porcelain veneers offer excellent aesthetic results. Implant tooth models are not directly related to the implant used in the treatment, but to the coating applied on it, but the quality and correct placement of the implant, that is, the quality and correct placement of the screw placed directly affects the success of the implant.

How is an Anterior Tooth Implant Performed?

An anterior dental implant replaces missing teeth in the area where the smile is aesthetically important. Our specialist physicians ensure that you achieve aesthetic and natural-looking results by using materials and special design suitable for natural tooth color.

Should Implant or Bridge be Preferred?

Implants and bridges are among the preferred methods for the treatment of missing teeth. Implant construction creates a strong foundation with artificial tooth roots placed in the jawbone, while a bridge fills missing teeth by relying on neighboring teeth. Our specialist dentists will help you choose the most suitable treatment option for your situation.

What is the Eating Process After Implant Treatment?

The process of eating after the implant takes place comfortably after the implant screws integrate with the jawbone and the prosthetic teeth are attached. With an implant tooth, you can eat and chew with the comfort of your own teeth. It is important to choose the right foods to eat immediately after the treatment.

In the first days after implant treatment, slight swelling and tenderness in the jaw area may be experienced. For this reason, it may be more comfortable to prefer soft and warm foods that are easier to chew in the first days. Foods such as soups, purees and yogurts facilitate digestion. It is important to nourish your body during the post-implant eating process. You can support the healing process by choosing foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Consuming balanced foods such as fish, chicken, vegetables and fruits will help your body to strengthen. It is important to be careful with hot and cold foods as there may be sensitivity in the jaw area in the first days. Excessively hot or cold foods can increase sensitivity. Take care to consume the temperature of the food in a controlled manner.

What are the Symptoms of a Failed Implant?

Implant treatment is usually successful, but in rare cases there may be complications. Symptoms of a failed implant may include pain, swelling, discoloration of the tissues around the implant, discomfort that does not go away. If you notice these symptoms, you should immediately contact your implant physician and inform them about the issue.

Are There Dental Implant Damages?

Implant treatment is generally safe and effective. There are no proven harms that can be characterized as implant harms, but complications may occur if it is not applied correctly, if quality and reliable materials are not used, or if the patient’s health status is not taken into account. Our specialist physicians create the most appropriate treatment plan by evaluating the health history of the patients.

What is the Pain and Healing Process After Implant?

Patients’ comments on post-implant pain can usually be mild. It is normal to experience mild pain and swelling after implant treatment. These are usually short-term temporary conditions. The healing process is necessary to ensure that the implant integrates with the jawbone. Your specialist will advise you on how to minimize pain and have a comfortable healing process.

Is Implant Treatment Appropriate at a Young Age?

Implant treatment at a young age may be appropriate depending on the development of the jawbone and the health status of the individual. Jawbone development is usually completed at the age of 18, and implant teeth can be made from this age. Our specialist physicians evaluate the condition of young patients and create the most appropriate treatment plan.

Which Factors Affect Implant Prices?

Implant tooth prices may vary depending on the factors affecting the treatment. Factors such as the jawbone structure, the number of implants, the material used affect the price. Missing tooth is a direct data for implant prices because it is important for deciding the number of implants. After the total treatment process is planned, the process is continued by pricing over the single tooth implant price. As Eliz Diş, we offer the most affordable prices by creating customized treatment plans for each patient.

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