In the department of pedodontics, all babies, children and young people are being examined and getting all kinds of treatment and protective applications according to their physical and emotional development. According to researches on tooth caries in recent years, it seems to reach 90 per cent both in the period of milk dentition (between 2 and 6 years) and in the period of mixed dentition (between 7 and 12 years). For this reason, it is important to protect the future oral and dental health of the child and most importantly to protect the general health.

When should a baby’s first dental examination be?

At the age of 1, your child can have the first oral and dental examination. With intervals that your dentist will determine (every 4-6 months) you can fully protect your child from tooth decays.

What is fissure sealant application?

The fissure sealant application is a protective dental treatment in which the recesses and grooves of the chewing surfaces of the molar teeth are covered with a fluid filling material.

Is fissure sealant or flour application more important?

Both are protective and complementary applications that help you prevent your teeth from decaying.

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