Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery deals with all kinds of operations related to soft tissue (cheek, palate, tongue, lips) and hard tissues (teeth, bones) in surgery rooms under local anaesthesia, general anaesthesia or sedation anaesthesia.

Abscess and Cyst Operations,

Wisdom tooth extraction,

Implant Treatment,

Tooth extraction.

Situations that abscess and cyst operations are made.

It is applied in cases which the root canal treatment is not possible and there is a cyst in the tooth root.

 Wisdom teeth and their extraction.

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that grow in the mouth. They mostly grow in our twenties. In some people wisdom teeth never appear. However, they may cause problems after they grow and therefore extraction may be needed.

Is extraction needed for every impacted wisdom tooth?

Not every impacted wisdom tooth has to be extracted, but the ones, which have been partly grown, can easily decay because they cannot be cleaned properly, causing bad breath in the mouth. The wisdom teeth, which stay in the bone, can cause damaged or can sometimes create cysts around the teeth of the teeth that are next to them. If this type of teeth are infected and cause pain and abscess, they should be extracted immediately, if they are not causing any trouble, they should be kept under control.

When is extraction necessary?

The most important reason for the extraction of the implanted wisdom teeth is to preserve gingival health. Another reason is prevention of tooth decay. Bacteria that cause decay when the implanted wisdom tooth is full or half-buried may cause decay in the adjacent tooth. In this case tooth extraction is necessary to prevent tooth decay. The presence of the third molar teeth during orthodontic treatment can be a problem. In this case, it is necessary to extract the impacted molar teeth before the orthodontic treatment begins.

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