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Root Canal Treatment

What is Endodontics?

Canal treatment is the treatment of the infected dental nerves, which are destroyed by the nerves and veins that lost their vitality, to be cleaned, disinfected and filled with canal filling materials.

When is Root Canal Treatment necessary?

In decays that have advanced to the nerve,

In cases of fractures involving the nerve,

In situations where orthodontic treatment caused the teeth to lost its vitality,

In advanced gum disease,

In high-filled fillings or prostheses.

Does Root Canal Treatment cause tooth discoloration?

As a result of trauma or canal treatment, the teeth may turn brown, pink or grey.

Can tooth discoloration be treated?

If the discoloration is due to a trauma, first the channel should be treated, and then bleaching can be applied. If the colour change appeared after the canal treatment, first the tooth is examined by x-ray. If there is no problem in channel treatment, the treatment is renewed and bleaching is applied.

To what should we pay attention in a canal treatment?

Once the treatment is completed, it is important not to chew with that tooth until the top filling of the tooth is completed. After the filling is completed, this tooth will join the chewing process like the other teeth in the mouth. These teeth often function as healthy as other teeth in the mouth for a long time. Damage to the tooth after channel treatment may cause re-infection of the tooth. In this case, if possible, the canal treatment is repeated.

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