Implant supported, commonly used types of prostheses

Metal-supported or zirconium porcelain teeth made on a single implant,

Metal-supported porcelain bridges or zirconium bridges made on multiple implants,

Prostheses applied on multiple implants for partial or total toothlessness,


Bar supported (3-4 implants)

Implant support in prostheses

If patient’s bone structure and anatomical proximity is suitable, it is also possible to make fixed or removable prostheses with dental implant applications. In these cases where the patients who are suitable for certain criteria, are asked to have a fixed or full fixed tooth and the prosthesis can be fixed in the mouth with the aid of an implant. These methods are advanced surgical and prosthetic treatment methods and they are various. The right decision is made by the models and the examinations.

Not implant supported, commonly used types of prostheses

Porcelain veneers with metal support or porcelain bridges with metal support,

Zirconium veneers or zirconium bridges,

Glass ceramic veneers,

Lamina in leaf form,

Partial prostheses used in partial toothlessness,

Complete dentures (Total Dental Tooth),

Full-Partial Prostheses (Palate-Hook-Clasp Prostheses).

In the absence of all the teeth or a part of teeth, full prostheses are preferred. In cases where all natural teeth are lost due to gum disease, decay or trauma, complete dentures are an alternative treatment for replacing missing teeth and tissues. It is a classical and traditional method.

Bridges- Porcelain Bridges

In one or more tooth losses, bridging is performed by supporting the teeth with the side teeth. After reduction the adjacent teeth, the bridges that support these teeth are prepared in the laboratory environment. With this bridge application, aesthetic, chewing and phonetic functions are restored. If missing teeth are not replaced with bridges or implants, side teeth tend to move to the area of the missing tooth. The teeth in the opposite jaw extend.

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