What is the most ideal age for children for orthodontic examination?

The ideal age for orthodontic examination is 7-8 years. Some distortions that cannot be detected at this age affect the healthy development of the jaw. Especially children with difficult problems such as asymmetric jaw structure should definitely get orthodontic examination at this period.

In which situation is preventative orthodontic treatment necessary?

In some cases, it is necessary to refer to preventive orthodontic treatments. These may be wrong swallowing or breathing through the mouth, finger, pen, tongue sucking. Some of these habits may also begin in infancy. For such conditions that cause orthodontic disorders, preventive treatments should be administered.

How is orthodontic treatment administered?

Orthodontic treatment is divided into two as removable or fixed. In removable treatment, prostheses called apparatus are made which the patient can insert and remove. It is usually used to correct simple crooked teeth. In the case of fixed treatment, the brackets are fixed on the teeth that patient cannot remove. These metals are combined with special braces. In this case, the teeth are moved and crooks are corrected.

When is orthodontic treatment necessary for adults?

Orthodontic treatment can be done at any age. All kinds of orthodontic treatments, except the ones that need to be treated in the adolescence, are possible if you agree to wire.

Lingual Orthodontics

Metals called brackets are attached to the tongue side of the teeth in lingual orthodontic treatment. In this way, nothing appears on the front surfaces of the patients’ teeth. It is preferred especially in adult patients.

Invisalign Aligners

In Invisalign orthodontic treatment transparent plates are made for patients. Depending on the deformity in the teeth, these plates, which are made in different numbers, are replaced every 2-3 weeks. With these aesthetic plates, simple deformities are successfully restored.

There are no metal braces or brackets, so you do not have to worry about mouth irritations. With Invisalign, you almost never notice that you are being treated. For invisalign treatment, the patient’s teeth are measured and then transferred to a computer environment. Here, the movements of the teeth are estimated.

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