Cosmetic Dentistry


Bleaching is the process of making the teeth become whiter after scaling that helps the teeth regain their natural colour. It is recommended that the patient repeat the process at home after the application by the dentist in the clinic.


It is a white material with a light-transmitting property that forms the substructure of porcelain crowns and bridges. The opaqueness seen in classical metal crowns and the purple spots that can form in the gums are not seen thanks to zirconium. Zirconium is a very durable material and can be used in every area.


Empress, which we can define as compressed and reinforced porcelain, is the most aesthetic material used in making crowns in today’s dentistry. Thanks to its high light transmission and transparency, it provides perfect aesthetics giving the closest result to the natural appearance of the tooth.

Porcelain Laminate

Porcelain lamina is a treatment that is applied with minimum intervention to healthy tooth tissue in today’s dentistry. Aesthetic concerns due to shape and colour defect can be successfully restored. It is used in correcting the gap and deformities in the teeth, restoring the slightly broken teeth, and getting rid of the aesthetic concerns.

Pink Aesthetic, Gingivoplasty

In oral health and aesthetics, not only teeth but gums are also very important. Colorations and recessions that can occur in gums can be treated with surgery or prosthetic applications.

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