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Dental Tourism

Dental tourism is the travels for those who live abroad and have a problem with oral and dental health.

Those who cannot be treated in their own countries due to the rising cost of treatment in Europe and America prefer Turkey for health tourism as the cost of treatment is four times lower and the health standards are on the same level with Europe. Our country’s historical structure is also another reason for being preferred for health tourism.

The Private Eliz Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic on the historical peninsula is equipped with advanced health technologies and is a clinic suitable for dental tourism with its spacious and central location of 300 square meters in Çapa.

How to engage in Dental Tourism?

You need to send your panoramic x-rays to our polyclinic via e-mail. Your x-ray will be reviewed and detailed information will be provided about all alternative treatment options, treatment duration, procedure and cost after your first consultation in our clinic or our European liaison offices. Once you have approved the treatment, your appointment can be arranged and your treatment can start.